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Employment Contracts

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These contracts are fully compliant with Labour Law and Fully customizable according to your needs.

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We have over 22 years of labour law and CCMA experience.


Why drafting employment contracts is not worth your time…

You need a new employee! You’ve found a candidate and indeed he/she is truly a good fit for your business.

But now you have to take hours of time that you could have used to focus on more important tasks to prepare a contract.

You are not sure if your contract is legally compliant, and preserves proprietary, confidential and intellectual property.

It’s very important to solidify the relationship between yourself and the employee. You can do this by creating a legally compliant contract.

Here is what you can include in the contract:

• The position title
• The benefits
• The probationary period
• The paid time off
• Non-Competition covenant & confidentiality


Wouldn’t this be a lot easier for a company that has 22 years of experience in doing exactly this?

Benefits of using maximum HR drafting your contacts:

• Saves you an immense amount of time
• Minimizing possible risks and costs that are distressing to your company
• Retainment of quality employers
• Fully compliant with the Labour Law Act
• Proactive on CCMA Case Law
• Fully customizable according to your needs
• You get a 100% free consultation
• Protect proprietary, confidential and intellectual property
• Preserve termination of employment at-will
• Provide for arbitration of disputes
• Protects the employee and employer

Maximum HR provides permanent/temporary contracts for only R 750

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Promotion ends 6 October 2017
We have over 22 years of labour law and CCMA experience.

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