Lukas Handing Over The  Keys To The Vehicle Donated To Pastor Nonyane

MaximumHR donates vehicle for missionary work

Lukas making sure that Pastor Bensen is familiar with his “new” set of wheels.

MaximumHR Personnel with Pastor Nonyane at the handover

On Thursday, 30 March, Pastor Oupa Bensen Nonyane was pleasantly surprised when an Isuzu double cab KB3.00 Bakkie was donated to him by Maximum Human Resources.  Pastor Nonyane is known for his missionary work in our country and other surrounding African countries such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  He has been doing the Lord’s work for over 50 years.  The 73-year-old Pastor has been on several out ridges with our Director, Lukas de la Guerre who is very passionate about missionary work.  Lukas realised that Pastor Bensen needed a vehicle to access more people in remote areas while spreading the “good news” to communities not exposed to any gospel scriptures, church services or Bible material.  Pastor Bensen was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.   We trust that he will reach even more people while doing the work he was called for.  “Go out and make more fishers of men, Pastor Nonyane!”